Your home's windows serve more purpose than being a looking pane. In fact, they're a crucial barrier that keeps your home separated from the exterior climate. Unpleasant weather and extreme temperatures are all mitigated by properly sealing windows, while still providing you with a pleasant view of the outside world.

As important as they are, windows often go overlooked and are prone to malfunction and damage. If ignored long enough the resulting damage can begin to pile up. It's imperative that you take good care of your windows, inspect for leaks often, and replace or repair when necessary.

In this blog, we'll examine the factors that can cause an air leak, the consequences of such a leak, and why it may just be better to have new window installations done.

Signs Your Window is Leaking

Air leaks in windows start small, most times being undetectable. Over time, they grow larger to the point that they need to be addressed. Some common signs of window seal failure include cracks along the seals, drafts that can be felt, and visible light seeping through the seams. Identifying air leaks is a straightforward process and there are a few tricks that can be employed:

  • Use a Flame: Hold a lighter or lit candle up to the window seals. If the flame gets pulled in either direction, you know that there is an air leak.
  • Turn Off Interior Lights: Crouch down and see if you can notice any light coming through the seals of the window.
  • Thermal Camera: Renting or purchasing a thermal camera can help you determine the specific locations that excess heat or cold is coming through.

Consequences of a Window Air Leak in Texas

Texas is known for its extreme summer heat, and having leaky windows can have some serious consequences. The most major of these consequences are massive energy losses. Cooling your home in high temperatures uses a significant amount of electricity and costs a lot of money. If your windows have air leaks, warm air can seep in easier, and the cool air produced by your air conditioners will escape.

Fixing Leaks With Window Replacements

Sometimes, window air leaks can be repaired with some simple materials and DIY knowledge. Repairing minor leaks caused by cracked caulking is quick and easy. Simply remove the old caulking and paint with a razor blade, clean the surface thoroughly with rubbing alcohol, and apply new caulk at a 45-degree angle making sure to get plenty of caulk inside the gaps.

If you find that a DIY approach is insufficient, a new window installation may be in order. New windows are highly energy-efficient and usually come backed by a lifetime warranty. They also have various window features that separate them from older windows such as:

  • Weather Resilience
  • Safety Glass
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Long Term Usage

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