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Is there something missing in your kitchen? Are you having trouble growing the fresh herbs you so love to use? Do you have an old and dingy window above the sink that needs replacing? Or maybe you are looking for ways to update some of your windows so that your home has more light and more possibilities for winter plant growth? Regardless of the reason, replacing your current window with a garden window is going to be an excellent choice for you and your home.

If you aren’t already familiar, garden windows create a 3D kind of setup, making a box-like space for little plants or something else to go, if you so choose. They create a sort of mini greenhouse for potted plants, where they can receive a ton of sunshine. They are not only for growing plants but are also simply for you to enjoy a better view of the outdoors as well as some more direct sunlight from all three sides, as well.

Garden Windows Can Be Energy Efficient

Garden windows are not new. Many people might have thought about adding a garden window to their homes but reconsidered because of energy efficiency worries. They are concerned that the glass and surface area of a window might allow more cold air to leak in during the winter, and heat to leak in during the summer. Even if you are not concerned about the environment and lowering your carbon footprint, anyone would be worried about it impacting the ambient temperature of their home. Who wants windows that will either make your inside temperature less comfortable or raise your monthly energy bill?

Despite this fear, there is a solution: Energy Home Pros’ energy efficient garden windows. Our windows are made of the highest quality glass and frames, making for a complete product that is not going to raise your monthly energy bill. In fact, if anything, it will lower it! Additionally, consider this: in the winter, the more light that you allow into your home, the more natural heat you will have, without upping the settings on your thermostat, and without paying for it. Since a garden window has three sides of glass, it allows more light to come pouring in — and that means even more energy savings each month.

Windows Customized to Fit Your Needs

Garden windows are not one-size-fits-all and feature plenty of options. When you purchase garden windows from Energy Home Pros, you can select the windows that you like best. You might decide to choose awning garden windows, which have hinges (or one hinge) at the top as well as the bottom and usually swing outwards. You could also choose to have casement garden windows, which have hinges on the sides and swing open when you crank the handle. These generally swing outward as well.

The style of your garden window is just the beginning. You can also choose additional customization, including the color of the frame, the size of the window, the style of the various glass panes, and so on. No matter what your style and use preferences are, we can help you with it all. Our reliable installers will be sure to install it in a way that prevents any leakage or other imperfections; you have our guarantee on that.

We can provide you with a free price estimate so that you know in advance whether garden windows are a good choice for your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out more about how you can put some energy efficient garden windows into your home.