Home windows can last between 15-30 years, but can be affected by climate, temperature changes, and maintenance. While traditional wood windows are strong insulators, rotting wood can cause them to be replaced sooner. With 75 years of combined experience, Energy Home Pros is a San Antonio window replacement company that knows which window options are installed to last.

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Window

Although quality windows can last for decades, damage greatly shortens their lifetime. Appearance and performance are the two main ways to tell if your window is ready for a replacement. A window that isn’t performing well can cause drafts and lose its energy efficiency. Here are some common signs that your window needs to be replaced:

  • Window Seams That Leak
  • Difficulty Operating the Window
  • Constant Condensation Between Glass Layers
  • Noticeable Noises and Drafts From Outside
  • Signs of Cracking, Rotting, or Peeling

Ways to Make Your Windows Last

There are many ways to maintain your windows to make them last longer. Cleaning your windows prevents build-up and reminds you to constantly check for signs of wear. If you do see signs of damage, it’s important to repair them as soon as possible. Caulking and repainting vinyl windows keep them looking fresh and strengthen them against external elements before it’s too late.

High-Performance Window Replacement Options

If you do need to replace your window, make sure you choose an option that performs well. Custom windows are fitted to your space and create a seal from weather, pests, and noise. Energy-efficient windows bring down your energy bill, protect your family from harmful UV rays, and are better for the environment. Durable impact windows use multiple layers to prevent cracks from forming and add safety to your home.

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