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Would you like to add some natural light to your home while simultaneously increasing its value? Do you enjoy morning or evening light shining into your living room each day? Does reading by the light of the sun rather than by the light of an artificial light or lamp excite you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a bay window is definitely a great option for you.

Extra comfort without extra energy costs

Bay windows are an ideal type of window because they can be customized according to your specific tastes and preferences. They are as diverse as the reasons why you would want a new window setup to begin with. In years past, people have hesitated about installing bay windows because, generally speaking, they are big windows — and that traditionally has meant big energy costs.

This is not the case with Energy Home Pros. We’re able to offer bay replacement windows that are not only huge, beautiful, and ornate, but also energy efficient. We also do it at an excellent price! Lots of people hesitate to install new windows where there was a smaller window or a wall before, simply because cold or hot air can leak through windows a lot more easily than it does through walls.

Energy Home Pros’ bay windows will alleviate those fears. With our windows, you will quickly realize that the difference between a wall and our energy efficient bay windows is minimal. You’ll also notice that the difference between our large bay windows and one old small window could be opposite of what you would expect. Older, less energy efficient windows may even let in more cold air than big bay windows, even if it seems counter-intuitive. So why not make the switch?

Customized to your wishes

One of the key reasons people like to install our San Antonio bay windows is the fact that they are customizable. Whatever your style is, there is definitely a bay window style for you that suits your needs as well as the style of your home. The quality of bay windows is also top notch, making your house more beautiful, more valuable, yet still highly energy efficient and functional.

There are a huge variety of options that you can choose from when you decide to install some new bay windows from Energy Home Pros. For example, you get to decide between many choices of finishes and stains — both in color and in texture. Your new windows will be installed by our top-notch, certified staff will install your new bay windows which come with a highly energy efficient safety glass. The head and seat board can be finalized by your expert eye, and we can walk you through all of the other aspects of your bay windows, such as the rods that are situated between the struts, to increase the strength of the product.

Whatever your preferences or concerns, we are here to help. Energy Home Pros has one goal in mind: making your home the way you want it. That includes a combination of energy efficiency and beauty. We’d love to help meet both your need and vision to create something truly beautiful.

If you have always wanted bay windows in your home but just never thought it was a realistic option due to the price or supposed increase in energy costs, now you can give it a second thought. Energy Home Pros provides energy-efficient bay windows that provide that cozy feel in that you’ve been craving. Give us a call today to see how easy it can be to add a bay window to your home.