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Does your home have an incredible view that you want to take center stage? Are you lucky enough to look out on a lake or gorgeous rolling hills covered in flowers? Do you want to make sure that you appreciate that view every single day, not just when you make the time to take a break out on the patio? A large picture window can make the incredible view outside the focus of your interior decorating.

It’s true, you could install a small picture window; however, the most effective use of these types of windows is to cover an entire wall, bringing the outdoors in without having to deal with the weather or the bugs.

Even if you don’t have an incredible view, picture windows are a great way to get a huge amount of natural light into your home. On those long summer days, there’s nothing better than enjoying sunlight long into the evening, even it’s just the sunlight of your suburban neighborhood.

Windows Made For Looking Through

Picture windows are unique because they are inoperable. They cannot be opened, which means they can present unbroken views – sometimes six or eight feet in both directions. These windows cannot be opened, but the tradeoff is those gorgeous views without any breaks in the middle. They make your home feel much larger and airier, without the challenge or expense of major renovations.

The beauty of a picture window is not to be understated. If you have a gorgeous view, or you just want to get more light into your home, consider installing a picture window – or even a whole wall of them – to completely upgrade your home.

For some people, the energy costs of installing picture windows are the one thing preventing them from enjoying the incredible views right outside their walls. Heat and cold transfer much more easily through windows than through walls, so installing picture windows can drive your energy bills through the roof. However, that’s not the case when you buy your windows from Energy Home Pros.

Energy Efficiency and Views

Energy Home Pros specializes in energy efficient windows. The windows that we install are incredibly strong and energy-efficient, protecting your home from inclement weather and security threats as well as the daily energy loss that can come from heat transfer. We offer exceptional energy-efficient windows, installed by licensed professionals who know exactly what they need to ensure that your windows will last for years to come.

Many homes already have picture windows, but their residents keep them covered most of the time with blinds or curtains. The energy costs are just too high to keep those walls of glass uncovered all the time. That’s tragic –homes with beautiful views that they do not enjoy due to the expense of heating their homes.

One call to Energy Home Pros can solve that problem. When you replace your old picture windows with our beautiful state-of-the-art windows, you can enjoy those fantastic views without the sky-high energy costs. You can get beautiful and strong windows that don’t cost you an arm and a leg.

If you are ready to install incredible modern picture windows, give Energy Home Pros a call today. Our professional team will provide a free consultation and estimate so that you know exactly how easy and affordable it will be for you to install a new set of picture windows. Once we have installed your windows, you will enjoy your incredible view every single day, whether you’re doing your daily chores or relaxing with a glass of wine. Give us a call today so that we can help you turn the home you already have into the home of your dreams.