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Many people lament their windows for not being able to stand up to the elements very well. Whether that is because of cold or hot air leaking through the cracks, or intense weather such as storms or hurricanes, they feel like their windows simply can’t hold up to their end of the bargain. We believe that people should not have to feel frustrated with the windows in their homes. If your windows are your primary concern, it is time to consider installing new, energy efficient casement windows.

Let the Sunshine In

In case you aren’t already familiar with them, casement windows are windows with a side-hinged attachment. On these sides, you’ll either find one hinge or two hinges. Casement windows can also be hinged at the top (known as awning windows), or on the bottom (knowns hoppers).

Casement windows are known for their durability, versatility, and security. They are easier to open than more traditional style windows found commonly in the United States, and yet they are often more secure and stronger than them. Because they often consist of one pane of glass, they offer even more sunshine to be let in than a window that has a frame in the middle or consists of smaller panes of glass.

Of course, not every casement window is going to be an improvement to your home. Some can be low quality, while others can be top quality. At Energy Home Pros we only offer the best quality of casement windows for our clients and customers. Our windows are renowned for their strength, their security, their energy efficiency, and their attractiveness when placed in the home.

Secure and Energy Efficient Casement Windows

The products we use are built to be highly durable and withstand tens of thousands of PSI (pounds per square inch). That means that, however intense the weather outside becomes, our top-notch materials and installation of the casement windows are going to do their job in standing up and staying in tip-top condition for years and years to come.

Security has always been one of Energy Home Pros’ top priorities when it comes to our windows. Some people are nervous about installing new, bigger windows because it makes them think it would be easier to break into their home. The truth is, however, that our casement windows are built to have top of the line security. Because of the inner locking system of each of our casement windows (whether a standalone window or two casement windows placed side-by-side), you will be safe and secure inside your home. And better yet, you will really feel safe and secure with our windows.

Energy efficiency is key in any new window installation nowadays, and our Energy Home Pros casement windows are absolutely no exception to this rule. Both the quality of our products and the actual installation of them into your home are carefully crafted to bring the best quality and energy efficiency that you can find in a casement window. Our installers are certified and professional, and their passion is doing the job — and doing it well. We at Energy Home Pros don’t cut any corners to increase our quantities; rather, we focus on maintaining top notch quality to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with their casement windows.

The look of your new casement windows is no small factor, either. While it is important that windows are secure, energy efficient, and durable, it nonetheless matters how they look. If the windows are ugly and industrial in appearance, no one is going to want them in their homes. That is why we have designed lovely, elegant windows that will actually increase your home’s overall value, making it a worthy investment from all sides. Contact us today to enjoy your new windows.