New Windows

Investing in good quality windows and professional installation are the first steps to success with new windows. And although newer windows are designed to be low-maintenance and the salesperson probably spent time meticulously reassuring you that your windows feature long-lasting durability, there are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind as the homeowner.

Use with Care

Protect your investment in window replacements by being mindful of how you care for them over the next 20, 30, or 40 years. New windows open and close easily. It’s often so effortless that you can’t wait to go around and open them up to let the fresh air in. And that’s ok—they’re designed to work that way. Just be mindful of the force used to open and close them. Routinely slamming them open and closed may cause premature failure.

Keep Things Clean

And of course, low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. Routine cleaning of the inside and outside of your windows will keep them in good shape. Letting leaves and other debris collect on the windows and rot will compromise the integrity of the vinyl frames. The best-case scenario is they may never come completely clean. But many times, that exposure weakens seals and leads to the untimely demise of your windows.

Stay On Top of Small Fixes

Keeping an eye on your windows over time and addressing minor maintenance issues in a timely manner will prolong the useful life of your windows. Professional window installations typically come with warranty coverage on parts and labor. If you notice something that looks wonky like a seal that has warped or a lock that has broken, check in with your window company about repairs. Some things may not be covered under the warranty, but they should be able to make repairs or recommend a service that can.

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