New Windows

Energy Home Pros keeps a close eye on window trends with local homeowners, and our window company has noticed many homeowners making a switch. Instead of traditional glass or vinyl, many of our clients prefer fiberglass windows.

Why fiberglass? Our window installation experts are here to let you in on all the benefits of choosing fiberglass windows.

  1. Strength

Replacement windows made with fiberglass are stronger than vinyl windows. Why is this? Fiberglass windows are made by interlacing individual fibers of glass together. This woven pattern makes them hard to break apart.

  1. Durability

Due to how fiberglass windows are made, our window company has taken note of how durable these windows are. Fiberglass doesn’t scratch, fade, warp with temperature changes, or rot. With proper maintenance, these window replacements could easily last over 30 years.

  1. Security

BAM! That was the sound of bad storms and home intruders unsuccessfully trying to break your fiberglass windows. Homeowners like window installations with fiberglass, because fiberglass is so flexible and hard to break.

  1. Temperature Regulation

Fiberglass is extremely resilient in the face of extreme cold and heat. You won’t see fiberglass warping or expanding during the changing seasons.

  1. Resistance to Noise Pollution

Do you hear annoying train horns sound off throughout the night, or do you live by a busy highway? One of the great window features of fiberglass windows is their ability to block out noise coming from outside.

  1. Color Options

Fiberglass windows easily win out against vinyl windows as far as color choices are concerned. Our window company, Energy Home Pros, is able to offer a huge selection of colors for fiberglass that isn’t possible with vinyl.

  1. Style

For homes with unique window shapes, fiberglass window replacements are the way to go. Fiberglass can be molded into any size or shape.

  1. Boosted Curb Appeal

Due to their stylishness, strength, and more, fiberglass windows greatly boost the curb appeal of your home. If you’re concerned with reselling your house, we recommend you make the switch to fiberglass.

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