New Windows

Your home windows are always there to provide a view of the sunrise, the neighborhood, or the surrounding landscapes. But we don’t always consider them when planning home renovations. In 2021, make replacing the windows your big improvement project.

Imagine how many benefits you’ll gain from updated, airtight, and secure windows. You’ll feel better in all-weather with improved efficiency and you’ll be safer thanks to strong locks and mechanisms. New windows can also transform the home exterior with beautiful frames and a variety of style options.

Different Types of Window Styles

Before you get those windows replaced, it’s likely that you’ll sit down with one of our certified window contractors to go over the options. Home Energy Pros offers dozens of custom window styles that homeowners can use in many combinations. Consider these standard styles:

5 Reasons to Get Replacement Windows

If you are wondering why you should get the windows done sooner rather than later, we’ve put together several excellent benefits of installing replacement windows.

Make Your Home More Comfortable

As windows age, the frame can shrink, or crack and the seals will decay so your windows become loose in the opening. You may have already noticed signs of this happening, like drafts in certain rooms or hearing the windows rattle in high winds. Replacement windows are airtight and custom-made for a perfect fit to eliminate those uncomfortable drafts and distracting noises.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Modern windows are made from more efficient materials, like vinyl frames with air chambers to slow heat transfer. You’ll also find there are other window features, from argon-gas fill to double- or triple-pane glass, that help keep your home at a stable temperature inside.

Increase Your Property Value

Almost any home renovation will improve your property value and window replacements are no exception. According to the Remodeling 2020 Cost vs. Value Report installing new vinyl windows can give you a 73% return on investment.

Make Your Home Safer

Older windows may not have many safety features, like manual locks you can flip to secure them from the inside. They can also stick which means you can’t open the window to escape in a fire or other emergency. Even a broken window that won’t stay open could catch little fingers if it slides down suddenly! Getting your windows replaced can provide peace of mind that your home and family are safer than before.

Enjoy Exterior Noise Reduction

If you live in a noisy neighborhood, you might find the noise reduction benefits of replacement windows a blessing. Newer airtight windows won’t allow as much sound to enter your home. You can even install triple-pane windows for additional noise reduction.

Homeowners who are considering their home improvement plans for 2021 should put window replacement on their list. New windows can make your daily life better in so many ways.

Stop your search for a qualified “window company near me” and reach out to Energy Home Pros. We’ll help you make the best window selections for your home. Just give us a call or fill out our online form to request a free consultation and cost estimate.