Window Warranties

Many replacement windows come with a window warranty that protects the buyers against certain kinds of damage. Not all of these warranties are the same, as different products come with unique features and materials. You may also find that your warranty has caveats to it, like only the glass is covered by the warranty and not the frame or finish. So, it is important to thoroughly read any documentation that comes with your windows.

If you haven’t purchased replacement windows yet, it also pays to research typical warranties so you can make a more informed decision.

Your Warranties May Come from Different Sources

When you buy windows, they may be covered by warranties from two different sources. Window manufacturers will provide a warranty on their products and window contractors can also provide a workmanship warranty. The contractor’s warranty usually covers any damage or defects caused by poor installation or faulty workmanship.

You Might Have a Limited Warranty Rather than a Full Warranty

There are also different amounts of coverage that a warranty offers for homeowners. Window contractors and manufacturers will usually offer one of two types of warranties:

  • Limited: A limited warranty restricts what is covered by the warrantor, such as only paying for specific parts or certain conditions. For instance, the manufacturer may pay to replace broken glass, but not pay for a damaged frame.
  • Full: If you are lucky enough to get a full warranty, then it will cover the costs of repairing or replacing every part of the window.

Window Warranties Can Have Exclusions

Many window warranties also come with exclusions that the manufacturer or contractor won’t cover. These can include:

  • Tempered Glass: Manufacturers don’t always cover tempered glass in their windows as it can spontaneously break and shatter.
  • Coastal Properties: If you live within a few miles of a body of water, your window’s exterior finish may wear out faster. Manufacturers will cover the finish for a shorter period than usual or not at all.
  • Certified Contractor Repairs: Some manufacturers will only pay for repairs completed by contractors who are certified on their products. If you hire the local handyman, it may not be covered.
  • Improper Use: If you have misused the windows are not using them as intended, the manufacturer won’t honor their warranty.
  • Negligence: The same applies if you don’t keep up with appropriate maintenance, such as washing windows and repainting wood trim as needed.
  • Acts of God: This is kind of a catch-all that many manufacturers include in their warranties. If an exceptional circumstance results in damage to the windows, it’s not covered. This can be war, civil unrest, lightning, and even acid rain.

You Might Get a Lifetime Warranty

These days its popular for manufacturers to offer lifetime warranties on their products. As long as you own the product it will be covered by the warranty. Some are even transferable warranties which can be transferred one time to a new property owner. These are great for house flippers or homeowners who are fixing up their properties for sale.

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