Are you considering new windows?

Have you recently found yourself looking at your home and thinking “what are some benefits of windows?” If not, you should—windows are the latest trend in home improvement – specifically window replacements, and for good reason. Windows help homes be more energy efficient, attractive, and comfortable, and new windows are one of the best ways to update your home!

Why Energy Efficiency is So Important

Why should you care about energy efficiency – to keep it simple, it can save you money. We all know that San Antonio has huge ranges in temperature. It gets hot in the summer and cold during those winter nights. You spend good money heating and cooling your home, but often it’s not even worth the money because your windows are not providing adequate protection from the elements.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware that their windows are the main source of energy loss in their homes, allowing both heat and cold to transfer through the glass. This causes energy loss, so that also means it cause money loss. Luckily, new technology has created premium windows that use gas like argon or krypton to keep air from transferring into or out of your home. If you want a comfortable indoor temperature without the hefty bill, an Energy Home Pros window replacement is a must-do. We’ll help you retain the energy of your home – in fact, it’s the number one reason we have become San Antonio experts in energy-efficient window installation.

But, energy efficiency isn’t just good for your wallet, it’s also good for the planet. Reducing energy consumption can have a big impact not just on your bills, but on your environmental footprint. If you’re looking to do your part in making responsible energy choices, we recommend getting an energy analysis from our friendly and professional energy consultants who can help you learn all about the products and services that would make the biggest impact in your home. And, since we know you’re keen on saving money, our experts will help you determine which projects are best for your home’s specific needs and budget. We may even be able to help you earn money with a solar panel installation.

Your Comfort is Important

Energy Home Pros knows that your home is a haven. It’s the place where your family lives, learns, and grows, and we want to help you be as comfortable in it as possible. By completing a personalized analysis of your home, we can help you avoid the cold drafts that move through the air around old windows, as well as the heat waves that often accompany direct sunlight in the areas of your home where you spend the most time.

New, energy-efficient windows can also have a big impact by helping to create warmer interior glass surfaces, reducing their frost and condensation buildup. The lack of comfort caused by issues like these may be why you were asking “what are the benefits of windows” in the first place. We can answer this question, while also helping you control the amount of light and privacy you want to enjoy. In other words, we’ll help make your home the refuge you deserve.

The Right Options for You

The trusted experts at Energy Home Pros provide many services, such as energy-saving appliances, building modifications, and a wide variety of window options, and we’re more than happy to discuss them all. While all these choices may sound overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be.

Perhaps you’re looking for new windows that help to cut down on some of the traffic noise in your neighborhood or are concerned that your new energy efficient windows won’t be aesthetically pleasing. No worries–our team can walk you through all those concerns as well as the many frame colors and options available to you for the ideal interior and exterior look. Once you’ve made your selections our team will complete the installation promptly and professionally, even showing you how to best use your new windows before you leave!

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The energy efficiency and comfort of your home are imperative in today’s world and nothing is more important to achieving those goals than installing new windows. If you find yourself wondering about the benefits of your windows, give us a call or contact us online. We’d be happy to help you complete a free energy analysis of your home and start saving you both energy and money!