shutterstock_590051615As the autumn months begin to die down, it’s starting to get a bit chilly outside. That means that in upcoming weeks, you’ll need to turn on that heater to get your home nice and warm. You may be tempted to simply close your blinds and crank the thermostat up to full blast. But, this could really cost you as it drives up the numbers on your home’s heating bill.

5 Home Heating Myths That Will Truly Surprise You

When it comes to high energy bills, this is something all homeowners dread. You want to keep the cold air outside, while keep the inside warm and cozy. A survey was conducted by the Energy Saving Trust. These are the 5 home heating myths they saw that most people believe in across the globe:

Myth #1: Turning the Heat Up When It’s Cold Is Best

52% of the people who responded to the energy saving survey admitted to doing this. They turn the thermostat up to full blast when it is cold outside. Little do they know that their homes do not need this. The thermostat is there to maintain the internal heat settings no matter the weather.

So, just choose a comfortable setting for you, typically about 77 degrees, and leave your thermostat on that setting.

Myth #2: Turning Up the Thermostat Will Heat the Room Much Quicker

35% admitted to this in the survey. Cranking up your home’s thermostat does not get the room warmer quickly. In fact, it heats the room to a warmer temperature, but not any faster than using a consistent setting.

Once again, choose a comfortable temperature for your home, and leave the settings alone.

Myth #3: Constantly Leaving the Heating on Low is Energy Efficient

It is common for people to think that this is a more energy efficient way of heating your home. They prefer to leave it on low rather than having to keep turning it on and off all the time. This only leaves the house heated when no one is there to enjoy it. Then, it is too cold when people are at home.

And, the answer is…. choose the perfect setting and leave the thermostat just like that.

Myth #4: Leaving the Water Heater on All Day Keeps the Hot Water Flowing

If you have a water heater that is well-insulated, water heated for 30 minutes in the mornings should stay warm until midday. It is better to turn the water heater on half an hour before you get into the shower if you live in an area where it must be shutdown regularly when its cold.

Myth #5: Keeping Electric Storage Heaters on Keeps Your Home Warmer

The survey shows that only 38% of the people fully understand how electric storage heaters work. This means that households with electric heating could be paying more than they should because of not knowing how to work these heaters.

Instead, try taking advantage of the cost of using electricity at nighttime, which is much cheaper than daytime usage.

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