It is incredible what a simple home renovation can do for your quality of life. Soffit vents may not be the most well-known or glamorous home addition, but the impact they can make on your home's air quality and energy costs can be exponential. Learn how introducing soffit vents to your home can help improve your home's air quality.

Soffit vents are vents in your attic which lie at the base of your roof. Unlike most attic vents which are usually positioned somewhere at the top, soffit vents pull cool dry air in from the outside, which forces hot damp air trapped inside your attic up and out of the higher vents. It is a passive system requiring no electricity that can have a major impact on your energy costs. Like the pressure inside your home when one door is opened and the other is closed, soffit vents introduce cool outside air through the base of the roof to push the warm air out the roof vents.

In most homes, you will find a barrier between the attic floor and the roof. The air you live in stays below this barrier. The space inside your attic, however, can wreak havoc on your HVAC system by remaining full of trapped hot air. This hot air heats the house below it, causing your air conditioner to work even harder. Some attics in central Texas can get as hot as 150 degrees in the summer! Soffit vents work to prevent this problem. If you already have ridge vents or another type of roofing ventilation system, adding soffit vents will greatly increase the overall efficiency of your home's air flow. You can reap the benefits as soon as you get your next electricity bill.

Soffit vents also work to protect the integrity of your roof by preventing damp air from collecting in the supporting structure of your home. This moisture can cause rotting damage to your roof, creating costly repairs for the future. Soffit vents will never allow moisture into your home because they are protected by the overhang of your roof.

Soffit vents are a great investment for San Antonio and Central Texas homes, but no two homes are the same. Call a representative at Energy Home Pros to discuss your home’s ventilation needs, or to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced representatives.