New Windows

Are you looking for a way to completely upgrade your home? From curb appeal to energy-efficiency, home coziness and more, having great windows can amplify every aspect of value for your home - and your life. A good set of replacement windows can completely transform the look and feel of your home! 

Not only do you need to make sure you’re working with the right window contractors to ensure that you’re getting the windows of your dreams, you need to make sure that you’re selecting the right window features for your home. After all, windows come in (literally) all shapes and sizes; and making sure that your windows are working hard for you is the best step to getting all of the benefits you want. 

What are the functional features of replacement windows? Read on for a guide to what you need to know. 

You should consider: 

  • Double Glazed Glass: This type of glazing ensures that there is air between the panes of your glass windows. This means that there is even more insulation in your windows, making your windows extra energy-efficient. 

  • Argon Glass: Having argon gas instead of air between the panes of your glass windows increases the insulation because argon is, very simply, much heavier than air. This acts like an extra blanket around your home, which makes your windows just that more effective. 

  • Insulated Frames: These types of frames are filled with foam, to ensure that there is no dead space in which there is only coldness or heat. This can help make sure that your HVAC system has an extended life, and that your energy bills are lowered as much as they possibly can. 

  • Low-E Special Coatings: Finding a way to make sure that your home does not absorb extra heat during the summer will be good for the integrity of your home’s architecture! During summer and winter alike, this type of extra coating will make your home very comfortable and efficient for years to come. 

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