As temperatures begin to drop and cold air begins to blow, many homeowners get stuck trying to avoid that’s blowing in through drafty windows around their property.

Sadly, no matter how much you turn up the heat, cold air will still find its way inside if your windows aren't functioning correctly. In fact, it’s been proven that poor quality windows are responsible for 10-20% of heat loss in homes during the winter months.

While window replacements  are always an option, many residents wonder if there are other ways to prevent cold air from seeping into their home. There’s also a question about whether it’s even possible to replace your windows during the winter months.

As a premier window company in Texas, the elite team of remodeling contractors at Energy Home Pros has all of the information you need about window features and replacement techniques to survive the winter chill.

DIY Options to Reduce Cold Weather from Coming in Through Your Windows

Before most homeowners jump into new window installations in Texas, they usually look for simple fixes they can do themselves to prevent cold air from getting into their homes. If this sounds familiar, there are a few things you can consider before starting a window replacement, such as:

Are Your Windows Locked?

While you might assume that closing your window is enough, this isn’t always the case. By locking your windows, the sashes are pulled completely together to prevent cold air from getting in.

What Kind of Window Treatments Do You Have?

By layering window treatments, you can create more of a barrier against cool weather. Many homeowners choose to use blinds, sheer curtain panels, and heavy-duty drapes to achieve this effect.

Have You Applied Temporary Caulk?

Are there noticeable spaces along your windows? Why not consider closing them up with temporary caulk? While this isn’t a permanent solution, it could help you get through some of the harsh winter weather.

Window Replacements in Texas: The Best Solution of All

While there’s nothing wrong with considering some of the DIY options mentioned above, the best choice for enhancing your home's energy-efficiency and controlling the amount of cold weather that comes in is the window installations at Energy Home Pros.

All of our products include outstanding window features that are ideal during the winter months and will better control the temperature inside your home.

Now we know what you might be wondering—is it possible to install new windows during winter?

The answer is yes!

Our window replacement experts will take several steps to make your winter replacement as fast, convenient, and comfortable as possible. These include:

  • Closing off the rooms being worked on to reduce heat loss in your home

  • Removing and replacing only one window at a time

  • Protecting your floors and furnishing with coverings to prevent weather damage

Are you ready to get started with our top-rated window company in Texas? If so, give Energy Home Pros a call today or fill out our online form to set-up a free quote.