San Antonians can suffer through some harsh, unpredictable weather conditions between November and March. If your windows aren’t designed for freezing temperatures, they are costing you money in terms of monthly heating costs.

In the beginning, new windows may seem like a costly investment. But anything that improves the comfortability of your home also improves its overall value. That includes installing energy efficient windows. Over time, you will definitely notice a significant decrease in your monthly heating bill.

Replacing your regular windows with those that are more green-friendly leads to long-term saving. In time, the cost of these replacement windows will even out as your heating costs drop drastically. Once those overall savings start to kick in, you’ll be mad you waited so long to make the transition.

So, why wait? Start cutting costs and saving money with these high-performance windows. You and your family will be much more comfortable in your home. And your pockets will thank you greatly.

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