Adding value to your home is a high priority when you’re thinking about putting it on the market. Your two biggest goals as a seller are to get top dollar and sell it fast. Sometimes, this takes home repairs and renovations.

You and your family have lived in your home for years. Everyone is well-adjusted to its quirks and imperfections. But not many buyers pay high-end prices for homes with no cosmetic upgrades or innovative amenities.

There are many things that you can do to add value to your home. Two of the most straightforward are renovations and upgrades. Replacement windows add to the property’s quality of life. You add to its curb appeal, and you save money on monthly heating and cooling costs.

Adding Value to Your Home with Upgrades

Home improvements are necessary when the goal is adding value to your home to sell it. That’s because these improvements make the quality of life better. Potential buyers view your home and see the value in those improvements, based on what they want in life.

Everyone wants to be cool in the summer and warm during the winter. Windows are a major part of keeping heat and cold drafts out of your home.

Sherwin-Williams and the National Association of The Remodeling Industry (NARI) published a survey taken by homeowners. It showed that more than 35% of homeowners believe that the most efficient way to increase your home’s value is to remodel it.

Replacement Windows Ranked Top 5 Home Remodel Fixes ranked replacement windows as one of the top five remodeling fixes that add value to your home. According to them, if you’re looking for a functional update for your property, replacement windows are the way to go.

The real estate website cited their value as being visually appealing; however, the most significant advantage of replacement windows is improved energy efficiency.

3 Benefits of Upgrading to Replacement Windows

Adding direct value to your home shouldn’t be your only priority when doing upgrades. Renovations should also be about innovation, and of course, comfort. Those are the things that bring value to you and your family member’s lives, as well as the lives of your future buyers.

That is the best way to add to your home’s overall value.

Here are three ways replacement windows add to your home’s overall value through visual appeal, innovation, comfort, and style:

1. Brighten Up Your Home

One of the first things real estate agents do on Open House day is open all the curtains and blinds. They want to let the sunshine in, so your home airy and bright.

High-quality windows allow natural light inside. This gives the house a more pleasant, brighter feel. Replacement windows let in the natural light, without allowing the cold or heat in or out.

This saves you money in two ways:

  • No air escapes the home or is let in by the windows, keeping heating and cooling costs down
  • The natural light coming in through your replacement windows eliminates the needs to turn on lights inside, keeping energy costs down

2. Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Your home’s very first impression on potential buyers happens as soon as they get to the curb. Whether driving by in a car or walking down the street, your home’s curb appeal makes people judge it before ever walking inside.

Replacements windows look better than old deteriorating wood windows. They also require less maintenance.

New windows are also much more secure than old ones. This added security is passed on to your potential buyers. They are stylish pieces of art that add to your home’s visual interest. For sellers, this adds to its overall value.

3. Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

New replacement windows save you money on energy costs by keeping air from seeping in or out of your home. This saves energy costs for homeowners.

Window replacement is one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make to your home. Replacement windows are well-insulated, so extreme temperatures don’t affect the inside of the structure. That means less wear and tear on your cooling and heating system.

Renovating with new windows is an innovative way to cut energy use and costs.

Adding Value to Your San Antonio Home

If you’re looking for ways to increase your home’s value, it’s time to replace your old windows. Install new windows with innovative features. Let potential buyers know your new replacement windows will sustain the tests of time.

Energy Home Pros of San Antonio offer a variety of replacement windows in various styles and colors. From bay windows to energy-efficient windows to vinyl windows, we are true leaders in the San Antonio area.