Energy experts warn that gas and electric costs will climb in 2018. They advise homeowners to search for alternative energy sources. Or, they can look for ways to cut down on home energy costs and obtain savings.   Money saved on gas and electric usage can be applied to other domestic channels. You can save up to $300 per month or up to $1,000 annually if you apply some electricity-saving tips.  

5 Home Energy Tips to Cut Your Bills This Year 

Here are five tips to keep your home energy costs down in 2018 and beyond: 

1. Install Attic Insulation 

Whether you know it or not, electric providers advise that you can save up to $400 when you install attic insulation in your home. There are several ways to make savings on insulating your attic if done properly.   It is best to consult your local home energy experts to help in this regard.  

2. Install New Boilers Instead of Repairing Your Old One 

Energy experts reveal that installing new boilers is more economical in the long run than repairing old ones. When your old boilers break down, your first reaction is to get them repaired.   But experts say old boilers consume more energy even in the face of working perfectly. They disclose that purchasing a new boiler can help you save up to $600 per year in home energy costs. 

3. Solar Inverters Can Supply Almost Half of Your Energy Needs 

Solar energy experts say solar inverters can supply about 40% to 50% of your home energy use. Since it is getting cheaper to purchase, it is advised that getting them installed will create huge energy savings over time.   Look around you. Solar panels and products are everywhere today. And, you can get a technician to install them for you for cheap. 

4. Create Cavity Wall to Save Up to $300 Per Year 

There is no denying the fact that you may spend up to $600 to fix cavity walls for energy savings. But imagine the benefit of saving up to $300 annually on the fix.   Cavity walls can provide you with the required insulation to enable you convert energy savings to other useful purposes. That’s because they effectively keep humidity and dew water from entering (or exiting) your home.   As a savvy homeowner, you must consider the advantages of fixing cavity walls for higher energy savings. 

5. Install Double Glazed Windows 

Double glazed windows make your house look more beautiful, and they add more value to your property. But beyond that, they help immensely with energy savings.   Replacing all your windows with double glazed styles will go a long way to saving you some dollar bills annually. And it will also increase the security of your home as well.   There are many types of replacement windows designed to make your San Antonio home safer. They also allow you to enjoy the saving that comes from an eco-friendly home. Contact the experts at San Antonio’s Energy Home Pros to schedule your free consultation today.