shutterstock_753762088If Texans learned anything from Hurricane Harvey, it’s “be prepared.” Many Texans have vowed to never again get caught in such a massive storm without preparing their homes for safety. One of the most unsafe materials to worry about during a hurricane is flying glass. And, that’s where hurricane storm proof windows come into play.  Also known as hurricane resistant windows or impact resistant windows, they are made out of glass that’s stands up to hurricane winds. They contain two slabs of glass with a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer infused inside. Yes, these windows may shatter from the winds or material be thrown into them by the winds. But, the both the window frame and inner membrane will remain intact.   Glass Types of Hurricane Storm Proof Windows  There are four main types of impact resistant glass on the market these days: 
  1. PVB - Polyvinyl Butyral is the most commonly used type of impact glass because it really absorbs impacts 
  1. PVB with a layer of PET – Challenging to make, making this tough product pretty expensive 
  1. Sentry Glass Plus – Generally used for specialized areas or federal construction which requires bomb-resistant or bulletproof glass 
  1. Resin Laminates – Between two glass layers, liquid is poured and cured to make the glass hurricane resistant 
Functional and Stylish Benefits of Hurricane Resistant Windows in Texas  When Hurricane Harvey hit land in Texas back in August 2017, it’s winds were 130 mph. Rain continuously slammed into the coast and inland communities with major force. The polyvinyl membrane strategically placed inside the middle of two windows allows them to the force of winds up to 200 mph.  There are many other advantages of using hurricane proof windows in your Texas home that are both functional and stylish, such as: 
  • They come in numerous different sizes and styles 
  • Glass doesn’t break up into sharp, large pieces 
  • Cracks are transformed into cracking patterns that are spider-like 
  • Provide sound insulation much higher than traditional windows 
  • Block 99% of UV light, keeping homes energy efficient and cooler during summer 
  • Protects you and your home against hurricanes, tornados and major storms 
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