shutterstock_349065728Christmastime comes with a lot of laughter and joy. And, thanks to all those lit up Christmas decorations, it also comes with a hefty energy bill. But, there are ways you can save money by cutting electric usage during the holidays. We’re here to share some of them with you.  4 Christmas Energy Saving Tips  Follow these four tips to cut the amount of energy you use in your home this holiday season:  1. Use Only LED Christmas Lights  It’s time to donate that collection of Christmas lights you’ve been hoarding over the years if you want to cut energy costs. Replace them with LED lights, which use about 90% less electricity than those incandescent ones. They last much longer, making their costs well worth it over time. Plus, they give off a much brighter glow.   2. Use More Candles and Less Artificial Light  Candles give your house a homey feel. They are a beautiful way to light up your home, and they use exactly 0 electricity. Find yourself a collection of Christmas and holiday candles to provide mood lighting for the season. You can also opt for battery-operated candles, if the flickering fire makes you nervous. There are even some amazing looking remote-controlled candles on the market, with numerous holiday-themes.  3. Turn Off the Light Fixtures  Between all the lights on the Christmas tree, all those lit up holiday decorations and your awesome candles, why would you need a bunch of lights on in your house? Eliminate the need to flip on a light switch by making sure there’s enough LED lighting and candles in each room. Your fireplace is also an excellent source of lighting… and heating. Firing it up keeps your home lit with light, and nice and warm.  4. Practice Energy-Efficient Baking & Cooking  Be smart this holiday season when it comes to your cooking and baking. Your toaster over and microwave can accomplish many tasks quickly, and use much less electricity than your stove and oven. Use them to melt dips or heat up small items. And, when using the stove, keep the pot lids on, so your food cooks faster.  Make Your San Antonio Home Energy Efficient  Ready to transform your San Antonio home into one that’s completely energy green? The industry leaders at Energy Home Pros know what it takes to transform a Texas home into one that cuts electricity costs way down.  Give Energy Home Pros a call at (210) 904-3541 to schedule your free in-home consultation. Or, click here to contact us about making your home a green one today.