shutterstock_488981089 (1)Springtime has done its job this year. Rain has come through. Now, the flowers are blooming, while birds sing across the land. But, it’s during the transition from spring to summer that homeowners need to prepare for, especially as those sweltering San Antonio nights start to appear.

This is your last chance to schedule A/C maintenance before you start running it full blast trying to cool your home. It only takes about 60-90 minutes for your local A/C maintenance company to inspect and clean your system. Spring is one of the best times to schedule an HVAC tune-up.

4 Reasons to Schedule A/C Maintenance in the Spring

So, why do A/C experts insist that you schedule maintenance on your cooling system before the summer begins… specifically, during the springtime:

1. Lower Your Energy Costs

It’s recommended that you schedule A/C maintenance two times per year… fall and spring. Bi-annual HVAC tune-ups ensure that your system functions properly. The longer you neglect your unit and build-up resulting from that neglect, the worse it will run.

That means it will have to work harder and run longer to cool your San Antonio home. Proper maintenance eliminates this issue, so you save on your energy bill this summer.

2. Cuts Down on Costly Repairs

Just like with getting regular preventive maintenance on your car, this is an effective way to catch minor problems before they become major. When you follow through with your scheduled A/C maintenance, problems with your HVAC are nipped before costly repairs are needed.

Preventive maintenance helps HVAC technicians get to the root of the problem while it’s still a small issue. A tune-up will prevent the issue from becoming an expensive issue later.

3. Extends Unit Efficiency and Life

According to HVAC experts, bi-annual maintenance could help increase your unit’s lifespan by 30-50%. That could increase its life from about 15 years to about 20 years, which will definitely save you money down the line.

Neglecting your A/C system could lead to a breakdown. This will be very costly to repair. You may even have to buy a brand new A/C system altogether before you come close to the 10-year mark. Routine A/C maintenance can also improve your system’s efficiency by 25%.

4. Keep Your Warranties Valid

If you don’t schedule A/C maintenance regularly, the manufacturer has the option of voiding your system’s warranties. That tells you that even HVAC system manufacturers agree that regular tune-ups are vital to the unit’s performance.

It’s easy to prolong the life and improve the performance of your A/C unit. All you need is a professional visit from your local San Antonio A/C experts at Energy Home Pros.

Take care of your cooling system this spring so it won’t let you down this summer. Call Energy Home Pros at 210-721-6273 or click here to contact us to schedule A/C maintenance for your San Antonio home today.