shutterstock_258526901Home builders have been creating larger and larger homes over the past couple of decades. The number of home appliances have doubled, and homes now have to provide power for rechargeable devices, entertainment, and computer systems. This has caused the amount of energy used by homes to skyrocket, making energy efficiency harder to achieve.

But, there are things you can do to reduce GHG emissions, as well as your energy bill. Converting to renewable energy sources and revamping your electrical grid can make a huge difference in your home’s energy consumption.

Making Your Home Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency translates to lower energy bills, which is always an added value. Lower energy costs mean more money in your pocket to put towards your mortgage payments and upgrades to your home. That adds even more value.

Making your home more energy efficient also translates to a more comfortable living space. The more energy inefficient the dwelling, the less comfort for you. These inefficiencies include such things as:

  • Heat and cool air loss due to poor installations
  • Leaky windows and other areas with drafts that come inside the dwelling
  • A/C and heating systems that run too long or run without adjustable thermostats
  • Poor lighting that gives off glares causing unnecessary, unwanted heat
Correct these issues by upgrading your home and adding energy-efficient appliances. These home improvement projects will lead to a more comfortable place to live. A comfortable home is a valuable home.

How Does Energy Efficiency Add Value to Your Home?

Unlike typical home improvements, energy efficiency doesn’t add value to your home overnight. Instead, the value relates to the reduction in energy costs. So, whether you choose to make expensive or low-cost energy efficiency improvements, the impact on the value of your home can be significant. That’s because these improvements will lower your electric bill. And, since these savings will be handed down to the new homeowner if you sell, that means continuous value.

The Appraisal Journal published a study online that confirms that for every $1 reduced in energy costs, your home’s value increases by $20.

Currently, home appraisers don’t do formal adjustments to home prices based on the property’s energy efficiency. But, there is a large amount of data available that reveals how energy efficiency has influenced homebuying decisions. It’s becoming a deciding factor for many buyers over the years. They understand that those savings will be handed down to them.

Get your San Antonio home inspected for energy inefficiency by local experts. Energy Home Pros will evaluate your house and come up with a plan to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Contact us for your home inspection, and start adding more value to your home today.