Your garage is a form of shelter during harsh weather. However, the temperature tends to change based on the weather conditions outside. Two reasons why you may be considering insulating your garage is the very fact that you are hoping to save money on your energy bill, or maybe you would like to make that space warmer or cooler during certain times of the year.


Properly insulating your home can seriously decrease your energy bill and make your space much more comfortable. During the winter and summer time, either the furnace or air conditioning is constantly running, which can easily cost hundreds of dollars. However, the temperature in your garage has no effect on your home's cooling and heating system.


Is the money and time worth it? We review it below so you can make an informed decision.


Reducing Energy Costs

If you are looking to reduce your energy costs, the best bet is to put time and energy into insulating the attic space over your attached garage. This helps balance the temperature in that part of your house. Unfortunately, insulating your garage will not make much of a difference with your energy bills.


Insulating a Portion of It

You do not need to insulate the entire garage, you could actually do fine insulating just the internal wall of the garage. By installing insulation in the walls between the actual living space and the garage, you will experience more comfort within your home. This helps prevent the escape of heat from out of the walls of your home during the winter time and vice versa during the warmer months.


Best Reasons to Insulate a Garage

There are people that may have more of a need to insult their garage than others. For instance, someone who works in their garage often like for car repairs, or other reasons. If you are in your garage space often for any particular reason, it only makes sense that you would want the space to be comfortable. And in some cases, people are interested in turning their garage into a living space.


So, is it really worth it?

Is insulating a garage worth the investment? It isn’t the best bet for reducing the cost of your energy bill, but we don’t suggest throwing the idea completely out the window. You can make other changes to your garage that will be quite helpful, such as putting up a storm door on the garage door that goes into the house. You can also block or weather strip the garage doors and windows. Don’t close off your garage so much that exhaust fumes can’t escape, however.


When you are looking for creative ways to save money on your home or business’s energy costs, give Energy Home Pros a call.