Spring is quickly approaching, and people will soon be looking for ways to conserve energy, and cut down on costs. In this article, I am going share some awesome tips to keep your home beautiful and comfortable when spring arrives.

  1. Invest in better insulation
Use insulated, thermal-backed drapes on your windows, and you will ensure your house remains the temperature you prefer throughout the year.
  1. Make use of the windows
Keeping your windows open allows fresh air and a nice breeze to flow in, and keep your home cool. You will not need to use your air conditioners so much in this case.
  1. Close off ducts
Plenty of air is lost because of improperly insulated ducts, which causes high electricity bills. Sealing up this little problem can go a long way towards reducing energy consumption.
  1. Foundation walls
Air leaks in the basement could be draining energy from your home, so make sure your basement is insulated.
  1. Keep your air conditioner maintained
Keeping your air conditioner in tip-top shape by changing out air filters can reduce energy usage quite a bit. Another thing to check is the evaporator coil, and have it cleaned once a year, so your air conditioner can function up to par.
  1. Manage pet hair and dust
One thing many people do not consider is how pet hair and dust can collect on the refrigerator condenser coils, which cause the motor to put in more work and use up more energy. I recommend cleaning the coils right before spring hits.
  1. Turn on the ceiling fans
No need to have the air conditioner running all day when you most likely use the ceiling fans for a good portion of the day to keep your home cool. This way, the temperature doesn’t have to be set so low.
  1. Fire up the grill
Using ovens can quickly make it hot inside your home, so instead, try cooking outdoors. That way you can enjoy the nice warm weather while also reducing your electric bill.
  1. Airflow on your ceiling fan
When spring hits, it is best to have your ceiling fan moving so that it pulls the air up. This gives better airflow and keeps the temperature cool.
  1. Bathroom fans
Using your bathroom fans helps rid your home of unwanted heat.
  1. Monitor the thermostat
There is no need to have the air blasting while you are away from home, so it is best to set it to a higher temperature until you get back. This alone can shed 10 percent off your payments.
  1. The refrigerator door
The refrigerator contributes a decent portion to your electric bill. It is a good idea to keep it clean and make sure the door is completely closed.