Solar attic fans are the simplest way to keep your home safe and comfortable. They don’t need any fancy electric wiring, they are easy to install and maintain, and they work miracles for any home. Solar attic fans keep your attic at the right temperature and humidity, making sure it (and the rest of your home) stay dry and cool. It will slow down roof deterioration, will increase your at-home comfort, and will even save you money on your utility bills!

Heat and Moisture: A Homeowner’s Enemy

Even if you’re a new homeowner who hasn’t needed to deal with the problems of excessive amounts of heat or moisture in your house, you can rest assured that these issues will find a way into your life. And you’ll want to be proactive in dealing with it. Installing a solar attic fan is a simple, cost-effective way of doing just that.

Solar attic fans are designed to maintain the heat and moisture balance within your home. They are great for all seasons. In the summer, they keep the moisture level down and keep things cool; in the winter, they keep things safe from harm.


In the summer, every homeowner’s battle is against the heat. The sun is beating down on your house for hours and hours, and the high outside temperature isn’t helping matters. Because all this solar heat is hitting your roof for hours on end, your attic will start to absorb quite a bit of it. This heat will then trickle into the rest of your home, and by mid-summer you will have a very difficult time getting rid of it without the expensive help of an air conditioner. This, in turn, leads to much higher energy costs, not to mention your roof’s deterioration.

If you have a solar attic fan, however, your problems will be solved. Using the sun’s intense rays to remove the extra heat from your home, solar attic fans will keep things comfortable and will keep energy costs low.


The cold of winter brings a whole collection of different problems for your home. Not only is there snow and ice accompanying the colder temperatures, but there is also more indoor humidity from showers, humidifiers, and dishwashers (while windows remain closed inside the house). Your roof could have a buildup of ice, which can cause leaks and other problems in your house’s structure.

Insulation and other materials inside your home could become damaged due to the excess moisture in the air. In a humid environment such as this, mold and fungus are more likely to grow, leading to even more damages.

A solar attic fan is able to maintain healthy levels of humidity within your home by equalizing inside and outside temperatures. It will protect your home from typical wintertime damages, saving you lots of money of in the long run.

Different Types

Not all solar attic fans are exactly the same. You can get them in high profile (good for high snow locations), low profile (for people who don’t want it to stick out so much), or pitched styles (can be angled according to the direction of the sun), depending on your home’s design and the needs that come with your specific location. Some fans generate more power, making them best for large attics or locations with more extreme weather. No matter what, there will be a solar attic fan for you!