While it might be satisfying to improve your home by your own two hands, there are some projects that are better left to the professional contractors. Replacing your home’s windows is one of them. There are a ton of reasons why replacement windows is a bad DIY project choise. From prohibitive cost, inherent danger, and difficulty level of the tools necessary to complete the task, replacing your own windows is a serious job. Here are a few of the reasons we've selected that should make you think twice about replacing your windows by yourself.

Chances are, you have had to pay to replace or even repair a window before. Perhaps that’s why you’re thinking about doing it by yourself this time around. However, think about the reason why you had to replace that window, rather than fixing it yourself. By its very nature, glass is a material that, once broken, cannot be fixed. You must work with extreme care when replacing a window, as even the smallest scratch or crack will warrant the purchase of a whole new window pane. This is just one aspect that makes window replacement a whole different beast from the other DIY projects you are used to.

When it comes to measuring your home’s windows, you must get an exact fit. There is no margin for error. If there is even the smallest crack between your window and its fitting, it will let cold air out and warm air in, driving up your home's energy bills. You could even, unintentionally, introduce moisture and bugs into your home. Fitting replacement windows goes deeper than just choosing the right size. Cracks must be sealed with insulating material for a truly seamless fit. Experienced contractors know exactly how to fit a window and test the airtightness, making it fit perfectly.

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