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Do you feel frustrated each time you have to pay your energy bill? Do you have a big or old home that is hard to keep cool or warm? Perhaps you are simply interested in reducing your carbon footprint by minimizing the daily energy that you use? If so, replacing your current windows with energy efficient windows are the way to go.

Make an Investment in Saving

Weather conditions in San Antonio can change quickly and unpredictably. Windows that are not designed for every type of weather condition are quickly becoming irrelevant and expensive. Perhaps the upfront costs are lower, but with the additional monthly energy expenses, you will soon find that it does not pay off at all.

Some people would argue that buying new windows is less energy efficient because energy is used to make them to begin with, and when you still have windows that are not broken it is a waste to replace them with a new product. The truth is, however, that the sooner you replace your old windows (even if they appear to be still okay) with new, state of the art, energy efficient windows, the sooner you are going to cut down on overall energy usage and carbon footprint.

Your carbon footprint functions much like your energy bill would. If the monthly savings are great enough (which they would be, if you switched to energy efficient windows from Energy Home Pros), then your overall cost at the end of a specified period of time is actually going to be lower. The sooner you switch your windows, the sooner you start saving — even with the added upfront costs involved in getting new windows.

The same applies to saving energy. Even though there is the “upfront cost” involved in producing new windows, there are also the long-term savings that come with owning and using energy efficient replacement windows. After a while, the total energy usage will even out, and then the savings will kick in and you’ll only be saving from that point on. In other words, despite the added cost (both money and energy-wise) of replacing your window, the overall savings are much greater than if you had waited. So why wait at all? You can get a free estimate from us now and then decide if you want to do it later — what do you have to lose?

Efficient Windows and Great Service

Now that you know it is worth it to switch let’s look at the various aspects of an energy efficient window. Our energy efficient windows at Energy Home Pros are designed with top-notch quality and service. The windows themselves can handle tons of wind, up to 180 miles per hour, in fact! 15,000 pounds per square inch can be applied to the safety glass before it breaks. And, if you have any problems, we’re available to help.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority. If we weren’t following through with our promises of reliable service, professional installation, and high-quality products, then we would never make it far in the energy efficient windows business. People rely on customer reviews now more than ever — and that means that companies like us had better follow through on our promises. Don’t worry, we have been following through on our promises for years, as you can see with our 5-star rating and our super service award from Angie’s List in 2017. Why not experience our excellence in service and quality now? Give us a call today to see how we can get you started with some brand new, state of the art, energy efficient windows.