Do your windows have air leaks? Some mistakenly think that only very old windows are drafty, but the truth is that even newer windows can have air leaks. Identifying leaks is essential in order to maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

Windows are often problem areas, but there are easy ways to see if your windows have air leaks, so you can either repair or replace them. In many cases, this can be as simple as a visual inspection to look for:

  • The Curtains Moving Even Though the Windows are Closed
  • Condensation on the Glass or Between the Panes
  • Cracked Glass
  • Damaged Frames or Sashes
  • Cracked or Missing Sealant

If you suspect an air leak but don’t see any visible signs, try this method: Light a candle and move it slowly around the window. If there are air leaks, the flame and smoke will be pushed in one direction. Make notes of all areas where a draft is found.

Here’s why it matters:

A typical home loses up to 30% of heating and cooling energy through air leaks—and window leaks are among the most common culprit. This energy loss causes increased heating and cooling costs and makes maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home more difficult.

Drafty Windows: Should Your Repair or Replace

If you have drafty windows, you’ll have to decide if repairing or replacing the windows is the better option. Air leaks can be minimized by using caulk, weather stripping, or window film.

The effectiveness of these repair methods will depend on the age of the window, the extent of the damage, and how well the repair is completed.

While some homeowners will get good results from an air leak repair, investing in window replacement will give you better energy efficiency. If your windows are older, a new window installation is the preferred option as they’ll have the latest window features for energy efficiency and security.

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