Replacement Windows

The last thing you want to do is spend money on window replacements just to have your windows fail. Faulty window installations lead to fogging, drafts and leaks, uneven windows, and can make your windows difficult or impossible to open and close.

Whether you want to leave the job to a local window company or attempt to tackle the task yourself, knowing what quality window installations entail is important for ensuring a job well done.

The key is in proper measurements. In basic terms, here is how to use accurate measurements during window installation.

Ensure That Your Window is Square

Make sure that your window is square by measuring diagonally from the top right corner of your window down to the midpoint of the left side of the window. Repeat by measuring the same distance from the bottom right corner to that same midpoint. If these two measurements are equal, then your window is square.

Protect from Distortion and Warping

An unlevel window is prone to warping and drafts. To ensure that your window is level, measure the window horizontally (from left to right) at the top, middle, and bottom. The largest measurement will be used to determine the width of the window.

Calculate Window Height

To make sure that your window replacements are the proper height, measure the window vertically (from top to bottom). Measure the left side, middle, and right side of the window. The largest measurement will be used to determine the height of the new window.

Measure for Smooth Window Operation

Make sure that your window opens and closes properly by leaving room for an adequate opening. Add at least a half of an inch to the window width and height measurements you obtained as written above. This provides room for window shims, insulation, and thermal expansion.

Consider Hiring a Professional Window Company

It doesn’t matter how great your window replacements are or what window features you choose; without proper installation, your windows will fail. Hiring a trusted window company that offers quality products and professional window installations is the smart way to go. Look for licensed contractors that offer reliable products and demonstrate a long-held commitment to quality service and honest pricing.

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