shutterstock_493381651With winter fast approaching, here are some cheap ways to make your home warm enough for this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations. Cutting down on energy consumption doesn’t have to be so difficult if you know the right things to do.

5 Tips for Getting Your Home Warm for Thanksgiving Dinner

The five tips here will help your household in no small measure to cope with winter chills without incurring any serious costs to your home heating bill:

1. Insulate Your Home with Free Heat from the Sun

The sun provides heat and warmth to everything around it… even to houses. Warmth and heat from sunlight is always a free source of natural heat.

You only need know how to trap heat from direct sunlight to keep your home warm during the coming Thanksgiving celebrations:

  • Open your curtains in the morning and let direct sunlight beam in through the windows.
  • Then shut the curtains in the evening to trap the sunlight and keep the house warm and cozy.
This is free. So, it literally costs you nothing. Natural heat from the sun is a gift from Mother Nature to keep your house warm.

2. Set Your Central Heating Earlier Than You Need It

Central heating helps keep your house warm by managing the home’s temperature. You will save lots of money if you set the central heat timer to come on earlier than you would need it; and at a lower temperature too.

For example, set the timer to switch on 30 minutes before you leave your bed in the mornings, at a lower temperature. The reason for this is because letting the heater run on lower temperature is cheaper than switching it on higher temperatures specifically when you’re cold.

Just be mindful of turning off your heating system when you don’t need it so that you don’t incur unnecessary home heating costs.

3. Don’t Block the Radiator So That Hot Air Can Circulate Freely

Many people like to directly absorb heat from the radiator by sitting right next to it. But, then they its block hot air from warming up other parts of the house. So, it is best to vacate your favorite spot alongside the heating system so that the warm air can freely circulate and heat up your home in good time.

4. Draught-Proof Your Doors, Windows and Open Cracks

Using adhesive rubber seals to seal off spaces from under doors and windows will keep out the draughts. These let cool air seep into the home, causing your heating system to fight harder to heat up the dwelling. This could be murder on your heating bill.

Installing these adhesive rubber seals is very cheap and much more affordable than paying for expensive heating costs. Keep warmth and heat trapped inside your home by draught-proofing your windows, doors and floor cracks among other spaces where outdoor air could seep into the house.

5. Maximize Your Internal Insulation by Sealing Off Your Attic

Home insulation experts reveal that much of a house’s heating is lost through the roof. To deal with this problem, install quality insulation all over your attic. When you install InsulSmart insulation, you help to maximize your heating system’s efficiency.

Ready to improve the efficiency of your San Antonio home’s heating system? Then, contact your local San Antonio wall insulation experts at Energy Home Pro today.