shutterstock_478874686Almost every shopper wants to know why they should choose triple pane windows especially when there are so many options. You can choose between single pane, which is single glazed, two panes (double glazed) and three panes (triple glazed).

When you live in places with severe climates, you should have nothing less than two pane windows. However, you must consider that the downside to having double glazed windows is they are less effective in certain conditions and would require more features for enhanced performance.

Here are some reasons why it is a good idea to replace your double pane windows with triple pane.

Triple pane contains more gas fill

Triple pane windows have two chambers that have either argon or krypton gas within it which increases its energy efficiency performance.

The additional pane gives you more Low-E

Since triple pane windows have an additional pane of glass, they have another layer of Low-E making it even more efficient. With two coats of Low-E, you get 12% increase in ER rating versus when you only have one coat of Low-E.

Better soundproofing

ENERGY STAR ratings do not take soundproofing into consideration, and many double-pane windows are not soundproof. Vinyl triple pane windows automatically have better soundproofing because of the additional pane of glass. They also decrease sound transmission by using a soft spacer in between glazing.

Less condensation on your glass

If you want to reduce the amount of condensation on your windows, then you are better off with triple pane windows. Triple pane glass has much better insulation, making the interior glazing surface temperature higher and less chance of frost being on the glass.

A cozier home environment

Enjoying an evening relaxing by a triple pane window on a very cold night is far more comfortable since it does a better job of keeping out the cold. Triple glazed windows have a better ER value than double pane windows. The enhancements are energy efficient and better performance makes it a better option overall.

Since there is always a possibility that energy cost will increase, it is wise to choose windows with greater energy performance ratings.

With only a 10% price difference between double and triple glazed windows, Energy Home Pros offers the best value for quality triple pane windows. Invest in the benefits of triple pane windows Shop Windows.