Adding a patio cover to your outdoor space is an excellent way to make your space more enjoyable. All that’s left to decide is the type of material you are going to use.

The material you choose will affect how well your patio covers will hold up in San Antonio weather. You want to select materials that are durable enough to make it through different weather conditions, while still being light and comfortable.

Here’s a list of popular patio cover materials you will love.

Vinyl Pros

This material is low maintenance, so if you prefer a patio cover that needs no sanding or repainting this is your best choice. Good vinyl has less of a chance of rotting or peeling than wood.


Unfortunately, the appearance of vinyl is not as attractive as wood and can appear to look cheap. Plus, it’s hard to find a variety of colors for vinyl and painting it to a more homey shade is unlikely as well.

Wood Pros

Wood is beautiful and does not age, making it the top choice for homeowners. You can choose from a variety colors, textures and styles.


Wood requires lots of upkeep such as continual repainting and sanding. It tends to peel, rot and warp easily. Beauty does not come cheap.

Aluminum Pros

Aluminum is inexpensive, requires little upkeep and is sturdy. If you want something durable and lightweight, then aluminum is your friend. Forget about dealing with rot, cracks, and peeling. You will be safe from the outdoor conditions while remaining comfortable.


Metal is a heat conductor so you may feel quite uncomfortable standing underneath this material.


We Suggest

We suggest Alumawood patio covers due to it being the best quality material of all three types. With this material, you get a combination of durability and lightweight comfort while avoiding issues with heat. It actually has the appearance of real wood without all the extra upkeep. It is similar to vinyl in that it peel, rot or warp.

Energy Home Pros recommends patio systems that are low on upkeep can withstand harsh weather conditions and will last you a long time. Our specialty is the professional installation of Alumawood lattice. Our patio systems are outstanding, modern, long-lasting and will be sure to keep you cool during the hot summer months. We would love to customize your patio covers to fit the design that best suits your home.

Create an outdoor space that has the appearance and comfort that you will love using our Alumawood patio systems. We would love to hear from you. Contact us at (210) 721 – 6274 for more information.