shutterstock_563560888According to the United States Department of Energy, cooling and heating account for over 50% of the energy used in typical homes. That means this summer, cooling your home may be your largest energy expense of the season.

During the summer months, hot air may leak into your home, letting the cool air leak out. This leakage wastes both energy and your hard earn dollars. So, how can you avoid throwing your cash out the window this summer?

Benefits of Proper Insulation in Your Home This Summer

About 25% of your home’s cool air can be lost through holes and cracks throughout the structure. Having your home sealed and insulation properly will help lower the amount of energy you use to cool your home. Checking for air leakage will help you identify problem areas.

Cool air can also leak out through windows and doors if they aren’t properly sealed. This causes your HVAC unit to have to run harder and longer to maintain the consistent temperature you desire. A tightly sealed home allows very little cool air to escape if any at all.

Better Insulation Means a Cooler Home This Summer

Inadequate insulation means running your HVAC system longer, just to keep your home cool. This translates to higher energy bill costs.

On the other hand, proper insulation allows your A/C system to run much more efficiently. Now, it can run for shorter periods of time, and still, keep your home nice and cool. This is vital in San Antonio where summer weather can be hot and humid.

Take some time to check your own insulation. Inspect the insulation around your attic, door frames, windows and inside your walls. You want to be sure no air leaks exist that will cause your cool A/C air to escape from the home.

Make sure to check out the attic thoroughly. These areas can be extremely hot. So, if the insulation isn’t adequate, that hot air can get into your home. This causes your A/C to work overtime, increasing your monthly cooling costs substantially.

San Antonio Wall Insulation & A/C Services

Energy Home Pros of San Antonio is a local leader in the air conditioning installation and repair industry. Here in San Antonio, those summer months can come with sunny days and sweltering nights. Make walking into your home a nice, cool, refreshing experience.

We also offer InsulSmart solution, a foam wall insulation that helps you stop losing cool air and energy through your walls. This home improvement solution will cut your energy bill costs down significantly. Our InsulSmart foam wall insulation also helps prevent mildew and provides soundproofing.

Call Energy Home Pros at 210-721-6273. Or, contact us to schedule a free consultation at your San Antonio home.