Most people living in San Antonio would love to discover new ways to save on energy. Who wants an out of this world heating bill simply because they are trying to stay warm (or cool)? It is common to see suggestions floating all over the internet and media about reducing your heating bill. It is because people get tired of sky-high energy bills during the cold winter months.


One option you rarely hear people talking about is finishing your basement to turn it into a waterproof space. This is beneficial because it safeguards any exposed ducts, pipes, and boilers located in the basement. This cuts down on your bills during the winter.


Airing out the basement may be pointless

When someone ends up with water in his or her basement, it is common for them to ventilate and warm up the space. Don’t do this! It gets you nowhere, and there are certainly better options to deal with this problem. Ventilation just does not get rid of moisture, and you only end up adding to the problem.

Energy Home Pros offer plenty of options for keeping your basement energy effective and moisture free.


Lining the basement wall                                          

One way to save money is insulating the walls. Get some good quality R-14 or higher and make sure it can be durable enough to handle moldy situations. Choose something that will keep out the air and insulate with great results that work well if you ever decide to use the basement for home space.

You can get very stylish wall panels from Energy Home Pros that are easily attached to the base walls. But let’s say you have no desire to finish your basement and still want it to feel cozy, we offer the ThermalDry Wall System that is perfect for this very purpose. For a triple effect of insulation, a vapor and to keep out air, try our ThermalDry Wall Radiant Heat Barrier.


What to consider prior to insulation

It is important to take a few steps before you choose insulation. For example, deal with any water leaks in your basement ASAP. San Antonio residents can use Energy Home Pros to establish drains, sump pumps and close off wall cracks. We have several years of professional experience in the San Antonio area and are proud of what we do.


You should also consider your schedule when planning an insulation. We are glad to book appointments at times that are convenient for you and work well with your busy schedule. Whether it is the weekend, evening time or morning you get to choose. Instead of taking chances and ending up with results you do not like, contact Energy Home Pros to help keep your home energy efficient.