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Heat Blocking Windows

In San Antonio, we often deal with non-ideal weather. In the summer, it can be so hot that it’s uncomfortable to go outside. In the winter, we have cold days that call for curling up next to a fire with a good book. No matter what the weather is, you want the inside of your home to be a place where you are comfortable and happy.

Living Comfortable in San Antonio

If you want the best living experience, you’ll need to spend money on heating and cooling your home. Most people keep their houses in the same five to ten-degree range no matter what the temperature is outside since that’s where they’re most comfortable. When it’s extremely hot or extremely cold out, that means you end up spending a large portion of your budget on your heating (or cooling) bill.

Of course, housing takes up a large chunk of most people’s budgets. You have to pay your mortgage or rent, your utilities, and keep up on repairs and maintenance. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra money every month to go towards the fun things in life? If you could dramatically cut down your bills, you’d have extra cash that you could spend on a nice meal out, or a weekend trip, or that new gadget you’ve had your eye on. All without sacrificing the comfort of a home that is exactly the right temperature.

More Money for the things you love

When you replace your windows with new windows from Energy Pro, you can keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year long, while drastically cutting down your bills. Usually, windows are the easiest place for the outside weather to impact the inside temperature. Your walls and roof are probably well insulated, but windows are much more vulnerable to heat and cold. That is unless you purchase energy efficient windows from us.

Windows that Block Heat and Insulate

When stepping outside of your house makes you feel like you’re going to melt, it can be tempting to have the air conditioning on full blast. That is until you think of the bill you’ll receive at the end of the month! Our windows will block heat in San Antonio all summer long.

Plus, if you’re like many San Antonians, you want to conserve energy for the sake of the planet. Our San Antonio windows block heat so that no matter how scorching out it is, your house will be a cool place of refuge. And, once you’ve gotten it to a comfortable temperature, they’ll keep the cool air in so the A/C can stay off, and you can enjoy dreaming about what you’ll do with all those savings.

In the winter, the problem is the same. It’s cold and snowy outside, but you don’t want to wear your hat and mittens inside your own home. Alas, you don’t want to pay the exorbitant cost to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Plus, you know it’s not good for the environment to be running your heater constantly. The same windows that block heat can also keep that heat in during the cold months of winter.

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With your new windows from Energy Pro, you’ll be amazed by how much cheaper and easier it is to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can block heat from coming in when it’s too hot out, and block heat from seeping out through your windows when it’s cold. The one-time cost of replacing your home’s windows will quickly pay for itself when you see how much you’re saving on your monthly energy bill.

We use the latest in energy efficient window and glass technology to deliver a product that can dramatically improve the comfort of your home. No longer will you have to keep the shades drawn to keep the sun from heating up your home – you can enjoy the beautiful summer sunshine while remaining comfortably cool. In the winter, you can enjoy the brightness of the sun bouncing off the snow without worrying that the frozen air will kick your heating bill into high gear.

If you’re curious about what new Energy Home Pro windows could do for your house (and your budget), give us a call today. We’ll give you a free consultation, and can advise you on the best energy efficient products for your home. You’ll likely be amazed how easy and affordable it is to upgrade your home with beautiful windows that also block the San Antonio heat in. Call us today, we’re excited to start working with you!

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