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Hurricane Storm Proof Windows

Living in San Antonio, you need to be prepared for every eventuality. Most of the time, San Antonio, Texas is a beautiful place to live – it’s full of great weather, fascinating history, delicious food, and wonderful people. However, Texas can also be subject to some unpleasant weather as well. When the weather turns on you, you want to be thinking about the safety of yourself and the people you care about – not the safety of your home and belongings.

That’s why you need storm proof windows.

Windows That Protect Your Home

Storm proof windows can protect your home from a wide range of dangers. When it’s hurricane season, your neighbors might be worrying about the windows on their homes breaking. They may be spending precious hours that could be spent evacuating boarding up their windows. You can skip all of that, and get your family to safety, knowing that your windows will stand up to the wind.

In fact, our storm proof windows can withstand a nine-pound 2×4 traveling at 50 feet per second. That means that even flying debris won’t break your storm proof windows. The windows are usually the weakest part of a home, but when you invest in storm proof windows, they can stand up to damage just like the rest of your siding.

Broken Windows are Dangerous

When a window breaks, it’s not just the broken window that you have to deal with. A broken window means shattered glass inside your home. This is a potential danger to everyone, especially small children.

Broken windows also mean that the weather can get inside your home. Rain can soak your flooring, ruin your furniture, and debris can fly all over your house. The damage could reach into the thousands of dollars, in addition to any damage to the exterior of your home and your yard. Investing in storm proof windows could save you a lot of money.

Of course, storms aren’t the only potential threat to your windows. Our windows also protect from intentional breakage. A thief can easily break in through standard windows, but our hurricane glass refuses to shatter, making it much more difficult for people to get into your house. When a burglar isn’t able to find an easy way into your home, they’ll usually move along to another potential victim.

Save Time During Emergencies

When the weather reports turn frightful, everyone around you will start to stress out. There will be conflicting advice everywhere – some will be telling you to get out of town as quickly as you possibly can, some will be telling you not to stress out and to stay put.

If you decide to head to a different area, you’ll want to leave town immediately, so that you can avoid traffic jams and make sure all the hotels aren’t booked when you reach your destination. You don’t want to waste hours boarding up your windows instead of hitting the road.

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On the other hand, if you decide to stick it out, you’ll want to be going grocery shopping and make sure your family is prepared for a potential power outage. You want to be confident your family won’t be hurt by shattered glass or have rainwater pouring into your home.

When you buy a full set of our San Antonio storm proof windows, you are protecting every room of your home. From the attic to the basement, all of your belongings will be safe.

Protection Against Sound

Our storm proof windows have other benefits as well. They provide noise reduction since they are significantly thicker than other windows. That makes it more difficult for sound to pass through.

If you like to host guests late at night without bothering your neighbors, these windows will be a great addition. Or, if you live near a busy road, these windows will make it easier to block out the sound of the loud traffic outside your home. You’ll enjoy the benefits of your San Antonio storm proof windows every day of the year, whether they’re blocking out sound or blocking out inclement weather.

More than Windows

When you’re thinking about ways to protect your home from the many potential dangers that can come through your windows, San Antonio storm proof windows should be the first solution that comes to your mind. They can protect your home from thunderstorms and hurricanes, from intruders, and even from loud noises. Your San Antonio storm proof windows will make your home a more pleasant place to be every day, and make sure it’s pleasant even after a huge storm.

Call us today to get a quote for adding San Antonio storm proof windows to your home.

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