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Did you know that warm and cold air like to mix; or that 25-30% of your home’s energy losses occur through the attic space? Having high-quality attic insulation installed can prevent the outside air from coming in during both summer and winter. It also prevents the air in the attic mixing with the cooler air in your living spaces. This means you are not spending more money, trying to maintain the temperature of your home. Insulation offers further benefits such as soundproofing and preventing mildew. Our San Antonio attic insulation experts can make sure your home is properly insulated to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


2 out of 3 US homes are under insulated, but old or worn attic insulation is just as ineffective. This is particularly the case in San Antonio, where attics can get up to 150 degrees! Even new homes can benefit from getting their insulation checked, as there are many options for improvement. Each house’s needs will vary, and different r-levels (measures the strength of the insulation) may be suitable for you, to maximize efficiency and minimize cost. Energy Home Pros offer free energy analyses to ensure your home’s attic insulation levels are up to date. Having the right amount of attic insulation in your home will ensure you don’t receive any unsolicited, high-cost energy bills.

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Understanding Attic Insulation

There are a wide variety of attic insulation options available, and we offer installation services for most of them. To understand them, first, consider the fact that heat transfers in a variety of ways, but primarily through conduction and convection. Conduction happens when molecules move, creating friction and heat. It is why your hands get warmer when you rub them together, and why it is possible to start a fire with two sticks. Since hotter molecules move more quickly, the energy transfers to the slower-moving molecules, making it easy for your home to heat up in the summer or cool down in the winter. Convection involves the movement of the air – hot air rises.

Insulation can help protect your home from heat transfer. It impedes conduction since there’s a larger barrier between the outside air and the air inside your home. It also prevents convection, since it makes it more difficult for new air to enter your house. Adding high-quality insulation to your home makes it easier to keep it at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Our qualified team of San Antonio insulation contractors can check on the existing insulation in your home, or help you make an insulation plan for new construction. Once you are ready, they’ll quickly install the insulation to limit the disruption to your life and help you start enjoying lower energy bills right away.

San Antonio Experts

We are local to San Antonio, so we know how much the weather can impact your comfort at home. Without air conditioning, the summer months can be miserable. We all want to be hot when we are at the pool, but not when we are trying to sleep. However, we also know that running an air conditioner all day without a well-insulated home and attic will drive up your energy bills. Installing new insulation is a one-time cost that will save you money for years to come. Plus, it can make you eligible for tax credits, and help the planet as well. Attic insulation is invisible in your daily life, but you’ll see the benefits clearly on your bank statement.

To insulate the rest of your home, we recommend taking a look at our InsulSmart wall insulation. Talk with an attic insulation expert at Energy Home Pros today for a free attic analysis today.

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