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San Antonio Attic Flooring

San Antonio Ladder InstallationNeed Another Room? Install Attic Flooring

When your house is short on space, it can be very tempting to turn your attic into something usable such as  an office, guest room, play space, or even just extra storage. However, adding a room to your house is no small project.  Making creative use of the space you already have is a much easier way to turn your current home into the home of your dreams. Still, just because the space is there doesn’t mean it is ready to be made into living space.

Why Attics Are Not Always Living Spaces

Most attics are built to help insulate homes, but many joists are not sturdy enough to support heavy loads. Also, the trusses are usually constructed to bear the weight of the roof (and additional weight from the elements, such as snow) but not to hold up a heavy floor. Another consideration is the insulation. Usually, an attic in San Antonio has about 10 inches of insulation, and compressing it by adding weight-bearing floors can be a major hindrance to the energy efficiency of your home.

Do Not Risk It

With all of this in mind, you should make sure to call a professional before you install attic flooring. There are ways around most of the challenges that an attic presents, but you need someone with construction knowledge to help you understand the best route to take for your particular needs. When you install attic flooring, you need to consider the necessity of reinforcing the joists and load-bearing beams that hold your house up, choosing the right type of wood, and keeping your home properly insulated from the San Antonio heat.

Hiring a professional to install attic flooring is, of course, more expensive than doing it yourself, but the investment now will potentially save you thousands in repairs in the future. With Energy Home Pros, you can be confident that we will ensure that your attic flooring has an appropriate  load-bearing capacity,  while preserving the energy efficiency of your home, which every Texan on a budget knows is important.

A Room Built to Love

Installing attic flooring might be the first step to creating the room of your dreams. Perhaps you have always dreamed of sleeping in a cozy space under the eaves. Maybe you are an artist and want an open space to set up your easels or a desk overlooking your backyard. Perhaps you are tired of hosting your guests on the couch and want to offer them a well-appointed room where they can feel at home. Or maybe your children tend to leave their toys strewn everywhere, and you do not know what you are going to do if you step on a LEGO one more time. You may even be planning on another child and need another bedroom.

An attic is one of those rooms that can serve any purpose your family needs. Once you install attic flooring, you can create the room you have always felt like you were missing. The professionals at Energy Home Pros know how to make your attic safe and energy efficient so that you can focus on making the best possible use of it. Give us a call today for a consultation or a quote.

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