Patio Covers: Which Material Is Best for You?

Adding a patio cover to your outdoor space is an excellent way to make your space more enjoyable. All that’s left to decide is the type of material you are going to use. The material you choose will affect how well your patio covers will hold up in San Antonio weather. You want to select [...]

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Tinted House Windows: How Window Film Can Save You Cash

According to the laws of physics, various glasses can affect heat conduction and photoconductivity. Tinted windows not only improve the physical appearance of a home and increase privacy, but they also increase the energy efficiency of the home due to science . UV Rays & Your Home’s Windows Most homes have windows made of the [...]

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Sunrooms: Types, Uses, and Customization Ideas

Garden room, solarium, conservatory and sunroom all refer to a structure (usually glassed-in) that is either integrated or connected to a home, office or restaurant. It often serves as protection during adverse weather or a place to enjoy the surrounding landscape from the comfort of your living room. 3 Common Types of Sunrooms There are [...]

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Check Your Home for Air Leaks Before Summer Kicks In

According to the United States Department of Energy, cooling and heating account for over 50% of the energy used in typical homes. That means this summer, cooling your home may be your largest energy expense of the season. During the summer months, hot air may leak into your home, letting the cool air leak out. [...]

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Why You Should Schedule A/C Maintenance While It’s Still Spring

Springtime has done its job this year. Rain has come through. Now, the flowers are blooming, while birds sing across the land. But, it’s during the transition from spring to summer that homeowners need to prepare for, especially as those sweltering San Antonio nights start to appear. This is your last chance to schedule A/C [...]

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10 Spring Energy-Efficiency Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Summer

Spring is officially here! And, San Antonio homeowners are scrambling to get their homes ready for the upcoming heat of the summer. As the spring sets in, changes in weather will also lead to changes in the way you live your daily life. Now that it’s warming up a bit, and getting dark later, you’ll [...]

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The Benefits of Apollo Open Roof Systems

It’s springtime, Homeowner! Time to get out and enjoy the sunshine and blue skies, even the spring rain and blooming flowers. That means spending more time in your yard and specifically, on your patio. Apollo open roof systems are the perfect choice for creating an outdoor sanctuary you can enjoy from sunup to sundown. Get [...]

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Where Is Your Energy Being Leaked?

Your home uses electricity every day to generate hot water, run the A/C, use the stove and charge up your cell phone and laptop. Most modern gadgets rely entirely on energy to function. At the same time, your home also loses energy each day, which drives up the cost of your electric bill. How to [...]

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How Increasing Energy Efficiency Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Home builders have been creating larger and larger homes over the past couple of decades. The number of home appliances have doubled, and homes now have to provide power for rechargeable devices, entertainment, and computer systems. This has caused the amount of energy used by homes to skyrocket, making energy efficiency harder to achieve. But, [...]

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What New in Windows for 2017

Believe it or not, things are constantly changing with windows. As more people go green, new advancements in green technology continue to develop for windows. You will notice more options of colors for frames, design, and glazing. Plain, naked windows are not in style like they used to be. In 2017 more windows will be [...]

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