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Prep Your Home For Fall Weather

September is here, even if the weather may still feel warm enough to be August. Nevertheless, fall is on its way, and it’s time to prepare your home for the upcoming cool temperatures and other fall climate patterns. Now that the summer fun has ended and the fall focus has begun, it’s the perfect time [...]

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DIY Home Energy Audits: Heating, Cooling, & Locating Leaks

Home energy usage is a big concern when the cold weather starts coming in. The best way to improve your energy efficiency (and, therefore, your monthly energy bill) is to do an audit. Some people pay for audits, but it can be done yourself. Even if it’s not perfect, it will do wonders for helping [...]

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Fall Home Maintenance Tips for an Energy Efficient Home

In most homes, there is only a concrete wall separating you from those in another room, and sometimes, you may feel the need to wear earplugs inside your home. If this is the case in your home, your walls may have some structural issues that are allowing sound to easily be heard through the walls. [...]

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6 Back to School Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

It is back to school season once again. Everywhere you look, from stores to TV, you’ll find back to school advertisements geared towards parents and kids preparing for the school year. While many are focused on back-to-school shopping for clothes, supplies and even laptops, here are some other ways to save time and money. While [...]

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6 Green Multifamily Developments in San Antonio You Must See

Since the start of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Green Building Rating SystemTM in 2000, the program has developed tremendously. At this time, the certification system has a portfolio of 9 rating system products that cater to specific markets. The LEED for Homes program was founded in 2008 after the seeing a need for a [...]

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Patio Covers: Which Material Is Best for You?

Adding a patio cover to your outdoor space is an excellent way to make your space more enjoyable. All that’s left to decide is the type of material you are going to use. The material you choose will affect how well your patio covers will hold up in San Antonio weather. You want to select [...]

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Tinted House Windows: How Window Film Can Save You Cash

According to the laws of physics, various glasses can affect heat conduction and photoconductivity. Tinted windows not only improve the physical appearance of a home and increase privacy, but they also increase the energy efficiency of the home due to science . UV Rays & Your Home’s Windows Most homes have windows made of the [...]

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Sunrooms: Types, Uses, and Customization Ideas

Garden room, solarium, conservatory and sunroom all refer to a structure (usually glassed-in) that is either integrated or connected to a home, office or restaurant. It often serves as protection during adverse weather or a place to enjoy the surrounding landscape from the comfort of your living room. 3 Common Types of Sunrooms There are [...]

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Check Your Home for Air Leaks Before Summer Kicks In

According to the United States Department of Energy, cooling and heating account for over 50% of the energy used in typical homes. That means this summer, cooling your home may be your largest energy expense of the season. During the summer months, hot air may leak into your home, letting the cool air leak out. [...]

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Why You Should Schedule A/C Maintenance While It’s Still Spring

Springtime has done its job this year. Rain has come through. Now, the flowers are blooming, while birds sing across the land. But, it’s during the transition from spring to summer that homeowners need to prepare for, especially as those sweltering San Antonio nights start to appear. This is your last chance to schedule A/C [...]

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